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\Форвардеры\ \Харвестеры\

Продажа лесозаготовительной техники:

Харвестер Timberjack 1270D, 2002 г.
Сортиментовоз Volvo FH16

Новая услуга от ООО "Акитама":

Осуществляем функции специалиста по охране труда

+37529 638 35 90, +37529 513 89 96 Евгений


Advantages of "Amatika"

On our website you will find the most diverse and logging equipment. The company "Amatika" gives you a unique opportunity to purchase the highest quality equipment at reasonable prices. Here you can buy spare parts and machines that are so necessary in logging. With many years of experience, we know what you need.

Any industry requires specialized hardware for maximum efficiency in. Harvesting - is no exception. Forestry is an important element in the success of the industry. It is designed to increase productivity through automation and mechanization of some operations and processes. The company "Amatika" is engaged in the sale and supply of equipment for all processes of harvesting . Here you can buy the various techniques:

  • trailers and semi-trailers;
  • timber-cart;
  • pellets and wood briquettes;
  • used forestry equipment;
  • equipment spare parts


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Phone numbers in the Republic of Belarus in Vitebsk:

+375 212 55-95-32


Mobile phone numbers in the Republic of Belarus
in Vitebsk:

+375 33 614-04-30

+375 29 677-39-99


E-mail: info@amatika.by


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